Federal Criminal Cases

Being arrested for a crime is a stressful and frightening time in anyone’s life. Being arrested on a federal charge is a whole different ball game that comes with a unique set of rules. The federal court system is different than the state court system. Working with an attorney with experience at the federal level gives you your best chance at mounting an adequate defense and avoiding conviction.

Federal Court vs State Court

While much of the actual process is the same, the players are different on the federal stage than at the state level. The prosecutors are Assistant United States Attorneys, the judges are federal judges, and members of the jury only have to be brought in from the judicial district, which will be surrounding counties, but not necessarily your county or the county in which the crime occurred. Bail may be granted, but you are more likely to have supervision while on bail awaiting trial, and sentencing for the same crimes is typically more severe than at the state level.

The most important difference between charges at the federal and state levels, though, is the commitment of prosecutors. Assistant United States Attorneys have fewer cases to prosecute, and more time to devote to each of those cases. If you have been arrested on a federal charge, the prosecution believes they have ample evidence to convict you, and they have ample time and resources to dig into every detail of your case to make sure those charges stick.

Austin, Texas Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Since the prosecutor on a federal criminal case has more time and attention to pay to trying to convict you, you need a defense attorney who will put the same amount of time and attention into defending you against the charges brought against you. The attorneys at Stephen Orr & Viktor Olavson are based out of Austin, and have more than 40 years of experience in representing clients facing federal criminal charges and defending those clients at the federal level. The firm understands that federal prosecutors put more painstaking efforts into each trial, and that your defense attorney must put an equal amount of effort into building a strong, aggressive defense. The firm treats every client as a priority, just as federal prosecutors treat each case as a priority.

Stephen Orr & Viktor Olavson represent clients who are facing federal prosecution in the Western District of Texas.

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