White Collar Crime

The term “white collar crime” refers to a wide variety of financially motivated crimes of theft, fraud and deceit. White collar crimes often take place in a business, office, banking, corporate or government environment. Most white collar crimes violate federal statutes and for this reason the majority of white collar crimes are prosecuted in federal court. Some are prosecuted at the state level. And in some instances they are prosecuted at both the federal and state levels.

A white collar crime may be perpetrated by a single individual, by a few individuals within a particular office, business or institution, or by a larger group. For example, an entire board of directors may be accused of conspiring to embezzle funds or commit insider trading, or a single individual may be accused.

Examples of White Collar Crimes include:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading
  • Insurance fraud
  • Internet and computer fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • RICO Act
  • Stock fraud
  • Tax fraud

Asset Forfeiture

When property is purchased with illegal funds obtained from a white collar crime, the government may pursue asset forfeiture. Illegally obtained cash, real property, personal property, vehicles, jewelry, bank accounts and other assets are all potentially subject to government seizure.

Defending Against White Collar Crimes

When an individual is charged with committing a white collar crime, thorough, detailed and meticulous pretrial research and preparation is essential. Additionally, there is absolutely no substitute for an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney who is intimately familiar with courtroom strategy and presenting an effective and thorough defense. The attorneys at Stephen Orr & Viktor Olavson have defended thousands of clients in criminal matters over the past 45 years. They will always pursue the most favorable results possible for each client.

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